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No-see-ems are possibly the most annoying pest. But what is a no-see-em and how do you avoid them?
No-see-ems are a really small pest also known as sand fleas, sand gnats, midges, punkies or other four letter words not fit to print. They aren’t invisible, but certainly small enough that you don’t know they are there until you feel their unmistakable bite. If you see them in sunlight, they appear like lint or dust flying in the air. But make no mistake, these lightweight, tiny particles floating around you’re there for just one reason – to bite you with razor sharp teeth and suck your blood.
No-see-ems breed in moist soil. This can be the pluff mud at the edge of the marsh, in irrigated yards, and there is a particular fondness for athletic fields and golf courses. If you are a soccer player, you know exactly what these blood suckers are!
This coastal area of the world is a delight until the glorious days of Spring and Fall when around dusk, you’re repeatedly bitten by the nearly invisible bugs known as flying teeth. To the locals, the only real name is No-see-ems.
These bothersome pests are magnetized to your carbon dioxide as you exhale. They’re also drawn in if you perspire. Their favorite place is your hair as they burrow towards your scalp and begin to feast. Bites of no-see-ems are like small, sharp stings as though being pricked with a needle. Then the bites immediately start to itch. Only a few moments outdoors for some can produce dozens of bites. And if you have an allergic reaction, may God help you.
No one is immune and some are like magnets. And the worst part is that if you want to be outdoors, so do they. Beautiful days with bright, mild temperatures which beckon us outdoors means these monsters will be lurking.
What to do? Create a private bubble of protection using a safe, natural product known to control no-see-ems. You can spray yourself, you can infuse your clothes, and you can also create large areas without no-see-ems by putting the product through your irrigation system! wildlife removal near me
Take back the beautiful days of Fall and Spring and control no-see-ems!

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